.... a note from Carrie


When I was first approached to make an album, my first thought was ‘who would want to listen to that?’ Yet here you are, reading these words which clearly means, you do! So thank you. Out of the millions of albums out there, thank you for picking mine! I hope you can hear the amount of hard work, heart and humour that’s been poured into the creation of each track by, not just me, but a whole team of gorgeously lovely people! I’m so proud of it and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we all enjoyed making it. 

But I also want to say this: it’s so easy to listen to a song you love, watch a brilliant performance by an actor or see someone having the career you aspire to have and convince yourself that it could never be you. It’s so easy to let the voices in your head win. The voices that say you’re not good enough, you’ll never be that good, give up, give up, give up. But here’s the thing, no one on this planet is anything more than human. Even the people you look up to. They all had to start somewhere and I bet once upon a time they were sat in the audience thinking that’ll never be me. 

We never think it’ll be us... Until it is.


Record Label & Producers


23:00 Records in an exciting new independent record label and music publisher operated and run by Club 11 London. Their debut release is Carrie Hope Fletcher’s first ever album to coincide with her series of concerts. 23:00 Records are excited to bring further releases in 2018. 

Club 11 London, founded in 2015, is a thriving, dynamic, multi-faceted production company based in the West End of London. 

Having established itself as one of London’s foremost producer of musical theatre concerts in only 2 years of operation they have financed, produced, marketed and managed over 40 concerts with some of the best theatre artists in the world. 

With a particular passion for bringing Broadway across the pond to London’s West End and with the largest part of the company being in concert production, the team’s roster include; Megan Hilty, Tituss Burgess, Shoshana Bean, Jeremy Jordan, Matthew Morrison, Michael Ball, Matt Cardle, Hannah Waddingham, Erich Bergen, Julia Murney, Cynthia Erivo and more.

Club 11 is made up of directors Darren Bell and Marc McBride who oversee all aspects of the company both creative and business with their casting arm headed up by Sarah Jane Price who co- founded Club 11 Casting in 2017. 


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